About Us

Let us tell you a bit about ourselves...

Simcoe Natural Foods was founded in 1987 by the husband and wife team of Gail and Tim Lyons.

When Gail and Tim discovered their son had severe food allergies, they spent a frustrating few years trying to find foods he could eat.  It was this frustration that helped them decide to open a natural foods store in their local town of Simcoe.  The store complimented and filled a void in the town and now provides a multitude of healthy eating, living and lifestyle products.  Everything from household cleaners, to organic beauty, to grocery and bulk items, Simcoe Natural Foods has provided natural and healthy choices for over 26 years.


Gail and her staff at Simcoe Natural Foods are knowledgeable and passionate about healthy living.  Feel free to stop into the store any time to ask questions, learn more and start living healthier!


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Simcoe Natural Foods

Established 1987